Celebgate aka The Fappening resume:


A guy post a sexy pic on 4chan about Jennifer lawrence:


Then he claims to have a list of celebrities nudes and he continue with JLaw pics:


He posts integral nudes of Jennifer Lawrence:



The he continues with Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, Mary…

What a time to be alive? God you fucking make me sick…

shutyourname asked:

I respect that man! EDM changed my life too! Continue in peace love unity respect!

Always! I am a trance addict, but I honestly don’t care what you like! Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, Dubstep, House, Electro or whatever. We all have been impacted in such a way, that we all connect through the music, no matter the style. I see so many people connect every year that I go to Ultra Music Festival. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness. It’s unforgettable moments unfolding right before your eyes :’) And I will never stop listening to EDM.